John Farnham - Discography

Total size: 1.51 Gb Seeds 37 Leechs 7
John Farnham/33 1_3/08 I Can't Get Next to You.m4a4.84 Mb
John Farnham/33 1_3/12 The Way.m4a4.60 Mb
John Farnham/33 1_3/06 I've Been Lonely for So Long.m4a4.53 Mb
John Farnham/33 1_3/13 Walk Away.m4a4.19 Mb
John Farnham/33 1_3/09 You're the Only One.m4a4.15 Mb
John Farnham/33 1_3/11 Soul Reason.m4a4.08 Mb
John Farnham/33 1_3/05 Man of the Hour.m4a4.01 Mb
John Farnham/33 1_3/07 That's What Love Will Make You Do.m4a4.00 Mb
John Farnham/33 1_3/10 I Thank You.m4a3.69 Mb
John Farnham/33 1_3/02 Trying to Live My Life Without Yo.m4a3.32 Mb
John Farnham/33 1_3/04 Everything Is Gonna Be All Right.m4a3.11 Mb
John Farnham/33 1_3/03 You Don't Know Like I Know.m4a2.69 Mb
John Farnham/33 1_3/01 That Driving Beat.m4a2.35 Mb
John Farnham/Age Of Reason/01 Age Of Reason.mp37.09 Mb
John Farnham/Age Of Reason/07 We're No Angels.mp36.71 Mb
John Farnham/Age Of Reason/11 When The War Is Over.mp36.68 Mb
John Farnham/Age Of Reason/06 Beyond The Call.mp36.51 Mb
John Farnham/Age Of Reason/02 Blow By Blow.mp36.37 Mb
John Farnham/Age Of Reason/03 Listen To The Wind.mp36.11 Mb
John Farnham/Age Of Reason/09 The Fire.mp36.11 Mb
John Farnham/Age Of Reason/10 Some Do Some Don't.mp35.99 Mb
John Farnham/Age Of Reason/12 It's A Long Way To The Top ( If Y.mp35.79 Mb
John Farnham/Age Of Reason/04 Two Strong Hearts.mp34.97 Mb
John Farnham/Age Of Reason/08 Don't Tell Me It Can't Be Done.mp34.96 Mb
John Farnham/Age Of Reason/05 Burn Down The Night.mp34.95 Mb
John Farnham/Another Side of John Farnham/09 A Day In The Life Of A Fool.mp36.25 Mb
John Farnham/Another Side of John Farnham/10 The First Time I Ever Saw Your Fa.mp34.27 Mb
John Farnham/Another Side of John Farnham/04 As Long As Life Goes On.mp33.86 Mb
John Farnham/Another Side of John Farnham/02 Your Song.mp33.71 Mb
John Farnham/Another Side of John Farnham/07 Hello Dolly.mp33.53 Mb
John Farnham/Another Side of John Farnham/03 Something.mp33.35 Mb
John Farnham/Another Side of John Farnham/12 You'll Never Walk Alone.mp33.23 Mb
John Farnham/Another Side of John Farnham/08 While Singing In The Rain In Spai.mp33.14 Mb
John Farnham/Another Side of John Farnham/01 Cabaret.mp33.13 Mb
John Farnham/Another Side of John Farnham/11 Two.mp33.05 Mb
John Farnham/Another Side of John Farnham/05 Summertime.mp32.98 Mb
John Farnham/Another Side of John Farnham/13 This Must Be The End.mp32.95 Mb
John Farnham/Another Side of John Farnham/06 On The Street Where You Live.mp32.25 Mb
John Farnham/Anthology, Vol. 3/06 Dream People.mp34.66 Mb
John Farnham/Anthology, Vol. 3/10 You're the Voice [Swing Version].mp34.55 Mb
John Farnham/Anthology, Vol. 3/16 Don't Let It End.mp34.30 Mb
John Farnham/Anthology, Vol. 3/04 Legs.mp34.25 Mb
John Farnham/Anthology, Vol. 3/05 Black Dog.mp34.24 Mb
John Farnham/Anthology, Vol. 3/07 Good Company.mp34.02 Mb
John Farnham/Anthology, Vol. 3/08 Take You Back.mp33.76 Mb
John Farnham/Anthology, Vol. 3/09 Love's in Need.mp33.74 Mb
John Farnham/Anthology, Vol. 3/15 Cool Water.mp33.58 Mb
John Farnham/Anthology, Vol. 3/14 Burn for You.mp33.18 Mb
John Farnham/Anthology, Vol. 3/12 Break the Ice.mp33.04 Mb
John Farnham/Anthology, Vol. 3/13 Running for Love.mp32.69 Mb
John Farnham/Anthology, Vol. 3/03 Birthday.mp32.60 Mb
John Farnham/Anthology, Vol. 3/11 Little Piece of My Heart.mp31.99 Mb
John Farnham/Anthology, Vol. 3/01 I Feel Fine.mp31.92 Mb
John Farnham/Anthology, Vol. 3/02 Susan Jones.mp31.84 Mb
John Farnham/Chain Reaction/12 Time And Money.m4a10.03 Mb
John Farnham/Chain Reaction/10 The Time Has Come.m4a9.42 Mb
John Farnham/Chain Reaction/11 The First Step.m4a9.18 Mb
John Farnham/Chain Reaction/04 See The Banners Fall.m4a8.71 Mb
John Farnham/Chain Reaction/05 I Can Do Anything.m4a8.33 Mb
John Farnham/Chain Reaction/09 New Day.m4a8.14 Mb
John Farnham/Chain Reaction/08 In Your Hands.m4a8.12 Mb
John Farnham/Chain Reaction/01 That's Freedom.m4a8.11 Mb
John Farnham/Chain Reaction/06 All Our Sons And Daughters.m4a7.89 Mb
John Farnham/Chain Reaction/02 In Days To Come.m4a7.67 Mb
John Farnham/Chain Reaction/03 Burn For You.m4a6.66 Mb
John Farnham/Chain Reaction/07 Chain Reaction.m4a6.04 Mb
John Farnham/Full House/02 Age of Reason.mp37.68 Mb
John Farnham/Full House/01 When the War is Over.mp37.62 Mb
John Farnham/Full House/10 You're the Voice.mp37.26 Mb
John Farnham/Full House/06 Help.mp36.82 Mb
John Farnham/Full House/11 A Touch of Paradise.mp36.47 Mb
John Farnham/Full House/12 That's Freedom.mp36.35 Mb
John Farnham/Full House/09 Reasons.mp36.08 Mb
John Farnham/Full House/08 Burn For You.mp35.96 Mb
John Farnham/Full House/03 Don't You Know it's Magic.mp35.91 Mb
John Farnham/Full House/05 Comic Conversations.mp35.61 Mb
John Farnham/Full House/04 Two Strong Hearts.mp35.25 Mb
John Farnham/Full House/07 Chain Reaction.mp35.09 Mb
John Farnham/Full House/15 Pressure Down.mp34.97 Mb
John Farnham/Full House/16 Please Don't Ask Me.mp34.75 Mb
John Farnham/Full House/14 Playing to Win.mp34.28 Mb
John Farnham/Full House/13 One.mp34.22 Mb
John Farnham/I Remember When I Was Young/12 No Aphrodisiac.mp37.14 Mb
John Farnham/I Remember When I Was Young/06 Even When I'm Sleeping.mp36.31 Mb
John Farnham/I Remember When I Was Young/11 Come Said The Boy.mp36.22 Mb
John Farnham/I Remember When I Was Young/04 I Remember When I Was Young.mp36.22 Mb
John Farnham/I Remember When I Was Young/08 Girls On The Avenue.mp35.83 Mb
John Farnham/I Remember When I Was Young/09 Forever Now.mp35.64 Mb
John Farnham/I Remember When I Was Young/10 Reckless.mp35.42 Mb
John Farnham/I Remember When I Was Young/02 Heading In The Right Direction.mp35.22 Mb
John Farnham/I Remember When I Was Young/07 Green Limousine.mp35.12 Mb
John Farnham/I Remember When I Was Young/13 Overkill.mp35.10 Mb
John Farnham/I Remember When I Was Young/03 One Perfect Day.mp35.10 Mb
John Farnham/I Remember When I Was Young/01 Come Back Again.mp35.06 Mb
John Farnham/I Remember When I Was Young/05 Downhearted.mp34.82 Mb
John Farnham/Jack/08 Today.mp39.23 Mb
John Farnham/Jack/11 Sunshine.mp38.94 Mb
John Farnham/Jack/03 Hit The Road Jack_Fever.mp38.83 Mb
John Farnham/Jack/01 Love Chooses You.mp38.69 Mb
John Farnham/Jack/02 You Took My Love.mp38.12 Mb
John Farnham/Jack/04 247365.mp37.69 Mb
John Farnham/Jack/05 Nobody Gets Me Like You.mp37.37 Mb
John Farnham/Jack/10 Love Come Knockin'.mp37.37 Mb
John Farnham/Jack/07 Love Me Like You Do.mp36.59 Mb
John Farnham/Jack/09 I'm The One Who Loves You.mp36.38 Mb
John Farnham/Jack/06 You Don't Know Me.mp35.87 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/04 Help - Kate Ceberano.mp37.27 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/15 That's Freedom.mp37.26 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/18 You're The Voice (John Farnham an.mp37.23 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/06 Age Of Reason - (with Ross Wilson.mp37.19 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/14 Every Time You Cry (with Human Na.mp37.05 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/01 Reasons.mp36.78 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/05 A Touch Of Paradise (with Ross Wi.mp36.29 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/11 Dont You Know It's Magic (with Ja.mp36.23 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/03 Everything's Alright (with Kate C.mp35.96 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/17 I Wish.mp35.45 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/16 Playing To Win.mp35.43 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/13 Who's Lovin' You (with Human Natu.mp35.24 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/07 Burn For You (with Merril Bainbri.mp35.23 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/09 Chain Reaction.mp35.12 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/08 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.mp35.10 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/10 Infatuation - Nana-Zhami.mp34.81 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/12 Comic Conversations - James Reyne.mp34.37 Mb
John Farnham/Live At The Regent Theatre/02 One.mp34.14 Mb
John Farnham/Other/When Something Is Wrong With My Baby [with John Farnham].mp37.91 Mb
John Farnham/Other/Everytime You Cry [feat. John Farnham].mp36.58 Mb
John Farnham/Other/We Will Rock You.mp34.31 Mb
John Farnham/Romeo's Heart/09 Over My Head.mp313.18 Mb
John Farnham/Romeo's Heart/08 Hard Promises To Keep.mp313.16 Mb
John Farnham/Romeo's Heart/04 All Kinds Of People.mp312.06 Mb
John Farnham/Romeo's Heart/01 Have A Little Faith (In Us).mp311.74 Mb
John Farnham/Romeo's Heart/02 Little Piece Of My Heart.mp311.15 Mb
John Farnham/Romeo's Heart/07 Heart's On Fire.mp311.00 Mb
John Farnham/Romeo's Heart/06 Don't Let It End.mp310.74 Mb
John Farnham/Romeo's Heart/05 Romeo's Heart.mp39.87 Mb
John Farnham/Romeo's Heart/03 A Simple Life.mp39.07 Mb
John Farnham/Romeo's Heart/10 May You Never.mp38.79 Mb
John Farnham/Romeo's Heart/11 Second Skin.mp38.42 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/10 As Long As Life Goes On.mp310.82 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/14 Don't You Know Its Magic.mp39.24 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/17 Shake A Hand.mp38.94 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/20 Please Dont Ask Me.mp37.98 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/19 Things To Do.mp37.68 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/13 Rock Me Baby.mp37.66 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/01 Sadie, The Cleaning Lady.mp37.58 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/08 Comic Conversation.mp37.57 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/15 Everything Is Out Of Season.mp37.43 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/18 One Minute Every Hour.mp37.24 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/16 I Cant Dance To Your Music.mp36.92 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/23 Playing To Win.mp36.76 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/05 Rose Coloured Glasses.mp36.54 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/06 One.mp36.52 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/22 The Other Guy.mp36.33 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/03 Friday Kind Of Monday.mp36.32 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/09 Acapulco Sun.mp36.13 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/21 Down On The Border.mp35.99 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/07 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.mp35.80 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/12 Walking The Floor On My Hands.mp35.70 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/04 Jamie.mp35.68 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/11 Baby Without You.mp35.64 Mb
John Farnham/The Classic Gold Collection/02 Underneath The Arches.mp34.64 Mb
John Farnham/The Farnham Years/07 When The War Is Over.mp35.87 Mb
John Farnham/The Farnham Years/03 Blind Eyes.mp35.69 Mb
John Farnham/The Farnham Years/05 When Cathedrals were white.mp35.03 Mb
John Farnham/The Farnham Years/04 We Two.mp34.73 Mb
John Farnham/The Farnham Years/10 Paper Paradise.mp34.61 Mb
John Farnham/The Farnham Years/06 St.Louis.mp33.98 Mb
John Farnham/The Farnham Years/08 Don't Blame Me.mp33.90 Mb
John Farnham/The Last Time/03 Lonely Man.mp36.60 Mb
John Farnham/The Last Time/04 When I Can't Have You.mp35.85 Mb
John Farnham/The Last Time/07 Sometimes.mp35.71 Mb
John Farnham/The Last Time/09 Even After All This Time.mp35.66 Mb
John Farnham/The Last Time/02 No Ordinary World.mp35.27 Mb
John Farnham/The Last Time/10 Eternally.mp35.14 Mb
John Farnham/The Last Time/08 One More Try.mp34.91 Mb
John Farnham/The Last Time/01 The Last Time.mp34.83 Mb
John Farnham/The Last Time/05 Undeniably Real.mp34.81 Mb
John Farnham/The Last Time/06 Keep Talking.mp34.46 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/14 Love Is A Gift.mp310.00 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/06 This Is The Moment.mp37.69 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/25 You're The Voice.mp34.67 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/05 Age Of Reason.mp34.56 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/08 Every Time You Cry.mp34.24 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/16 Granada.mp34.04 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/13 I Honestly Love You.mp33.56 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/02 Age Of Reason.mp33.34 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/17 You've Lost That Loving Feeling.mp33.08 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/10 You're The One That I Want.mp33.03 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/07 Hopelessly Devoted To You.mp32.86 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/15 That's Life-Bad Habits.mp32.79 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/11 The Long And Winding Road.mp32.73 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/24 Don't You Know It's Magic.mp32.57 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/23 Heart's On Fire.mp31.81 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/03 Phantom Of The Opera.mp31.62 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/21 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.mp31.58 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/22 Jolene.mp31.44 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/01 Overture.mp31.28 Mb
John Farnham/The Main Event/20 Let Me Be There.mp3976.95 Kb
John Farnham/The Main Event/19 If Not For You.mp3937.76 Kb
John Farnham/The Main Event/12 Take Me Home Country Roads.mp3936.96 Kb
John Farnham/The Main Event/04 A Little More Love.mp3905.11 Kb
John Farnham/The Main Event/18 Summer Nights.mp3552.05 Kb
John Farnham/Then Again.._/01 Angels.mp313.24 Mb
John Farnham/Then Again.._/05 When All Else Fails.mp311.22 Mb
John Farnham/Then Again.._/04 Talent For Fame.mp310.66 Mb
John Farnham/Then Again.._/12 Diamonds.mp310.52 Mb
John Farnham/Then Again.._/10 So Long In Love.mp310.51 Mb
John Farnham/Then Again.._/11 It All Comes Back To You.mp310.20 Mb
John Farnham/Then Again.._/03 Only Women Bleed.mp310.03 Mb
John Farnham/Then Again.._/02 Seemed Like A Good Idea (At The T.mp39.90 Mb
John Farnham/Then Again.._/13 Rolling Home.mp39.74 Mb
John Farnham/Then Again.._/07 Treated This Way.mp39.59 Mb
John Farnham/Then Again.._/08 Always The Same.mp39.43 Mb
John Farnham/Then Again.._/14 Talk Of The Town.mp38.53 Mb
John Farnham/Then Again.._/09 The Reason Why.mp38.52 Mb
John Farnham/Then Again.._/06 What You Don't Know.mp37.59 Mb
John Farnham/Time Brings Change/04 Saturday Dance.mp310.08 Mb
John Farnham/Time Brings Change/06 Take Me To The Pilot.mp38.06 Mb
John Farnham/Time Brings Change/07 Diana.mp37.52 Mb
John Farnham/Time Brings Change/09 Rag Mama Rag.mp36.88 Mb
John Farnham/Time Brings Change/12 Day By Day.mp36.63 Mb
John Farnham/Time Brings Change/14 Till Time Brings Change.mp36.60 Mb
John Farnham/Time Brings Change/05 For Once In My Life.mp36.58 Mb
John Farnham/Time Brings Change/03 Hair.mp36.43 Mb
John Farnham/Time Brings Change/02 Who Can I Turn To.mp35.91 Mb
John Farnham/Time Brings Change/11 Band Of Gold.mp35.71 Mb
John Farnham/Time Brings Change/01 Charlie Girl.mp35.19 Mb
John Farnham/Uncovered/06 Back To The Backwoods.mp311.93 Mb
John Farnham/Uncovered/05 On My Own.mp311.93 Mb
John Farnham/Uncovered/10 Help.mp310.12 Mb
John Farnham/Uncovered/09 She's Everywhere.mp39.92 Mb
John Farnham/Uncovered/01 Matilda.mp39.88 Mb
John Farnham/Uncovered/03 Jillie's Song.mp39.14 Mb
John Farnham/Uncovered/02 She Says To Me.mp38.72 Mb
John Farnham/Uncovered/08 Please Don't Ask Me.mp37.59 Mb
John Farnham/Uncovered/04 Infatuation.mp36.70 Mb
John Farnham/Uncovered/07 I Never Did Get Through.mp36.28 Mb
John Farnham/Whispering Jack/02 You're the Voice.mp311.61 Mb
John Farnham/Whispering Jack/09 A Touch of Paradise.mp311.00 Mb
John Farnham/Whispering Jack/04 Reasons.mp310.16 Mb
John Farnham/Whispering Jack/10 Let Me Out.mp310.02 Mb
John Farnham/Whispering Jack/06 No One Comes Close.mp39.53 Mb
John Farnham/Whispering Jack/07 Love to Shine.mp39.22 Mb
John Farnham/Whispering Jack/01 Pressure Down.mp38.81 Mb
John Farnham/Whispering Jack/03 One Step Away.mp38.27 Mb
John Farnham/Whispering Jack/05 Going, Going, Gone.mp38.17 Mb
John Farnham/Whispering Jack/08 Trouble.mp37.86 Mb
John Farnham/Whispering Jack/11 Pressure Down (Remix).mp36.75 Mb

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