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Apr 17Ry Cooder River Rescue The Very Best Of (1994) EAC FLAC1.04 GB1677501External
Apr 17Ry Cooder V M Bhatt A Meeting by the River (1993) 320Kbps Drbn RC1.31 GB1632399External
Apr 17Ry Cooder Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down (2011) EAC FLAC 1.76 GB333995External
Apr 17The Vert Best Of Ry Cooder River Rescue CD Rip MP3 TJ 1 GB73673External
06:53Ry Cooder Chávez Ravine (2005) EAC APE 915.43 MB1120431External
Apr 17Ry Cooder The UFO Has Landed The Anthology 2 CD Flac 100% Anonymous Download1.16 GB775591External
Feb 20Ry Cooder {Into The Purple Valley}
86.5 MB20Unsorted
Feb 16Ry Cooder {Chávez Ravine}
163.39 MB10Unsorted
Feb 16Ry Cooder {Bop Till You Drop}
92.05 MB30Unsorted
Feb 15Ry Cooder {Boomer's Story}
89.57 MB10Unsorted
Nov 09Ry Cooder - Ry Cooder [smb]
69.26 MB62Unsorted
Nov 09Ry Cooder - Boomer's Story [smb]
90.38 MB10Unsorted
Oct 26Ry Cooder - River Rescue - The Very Best Of (1994) [EAC-FLAC]
431 MB33Unsorted
Oct 26Ry Cooder - Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down (2011) [EAC-FLAC]
351.06 MB33Unsorted
Oct 26Ry Cooder - I, Flathead (2008) [EAC-FLAC]
326.41 MB91Unsorted
Oct 26Ry Cooder - Chávez Ravine (2005) [EAC-APE]
366.42 MB10Unsorted
Oct 26Ry Cooder - My name is Buddy (2007) [EAC-FLAC]
382.78 MB30Unsorted
Oct 25Ry Cooder - The Slide Area (1982) [EAC-FLAC]
323.6 MB150Yawara
Oct 25Ry Cooder - Bop Till You Drop (1979) [EAC-APE]
196.7 MB70Unsorted
Oct 22Ry Cooder - Paradise and Lunch (1974) [EAC-APE]
187.73 MB40Unsorted
Oct 21Ry Cooder - Ry Cooder (1970) [EAC-FLAC]
179.37 MB160Bleach
Oct 20Ry Cooder - The UFO Has Landed - The Anthology [2 CD] Flac
771.24 MB72Unsorted
Sep 26Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt - A Meeting by the River 1993 - 320Kbps - Drbn - RC 10
91.62 MB10Unsorted
Sep 15Ry Cooder And Corridos Famosos-Live In San Francisco- Promo -201
126.29 MB1560Unsorted
Feb 26The Vert Best Of Ry Cooder-River Rescue CD Rip-MP3 {TJ}
105.28 MB12Unsorted
Dec 27Performance Soundtrack (Ry Cooder, Randy Newman, Mick Jagger, Ja
86.58 MB190Unsorted
Oct 18Ry Cooder Crossroads(blues)(flac)[rogercc][h33t]
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Aug 05Ry Cooder Election Special (2012)(rock)(mp3@320)rogercc
88.44 MB50Rock
Oct 04Ry Cooder - Pull Up Some Dust & Sit Down MP3 BLOWA TLS
142.41 MB10Unsorted
Sep 26Crossroads (Steve Vai Ry Cooder blues guitar unofficial soundtrack of 1986 film 256kbps MP3)
59.63 MB60Blues
Dec 18Ry Cooder - Into The Purple Valley 1972 [EAC - FLAC] (oan)
215.84 MB200Unsorted
Jul 14Ry Cooder - My Name Is Buddy (2007) [FLAC]
384.37 MB10Unsorted
Jun 13Ry Cooder - Crossroads - 1986 [EAC - FLAC] [1/26]
232.22 MB40Unsorted