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DVD-R Torrents

10:17The Scribbler (2014) BR2DVD DD5.1 Retail NLSubs-TBS
4.14 GB334DVD-R
Oct 23Planes Fire And Rescue (2014) BR2DVD DD5.1 Custom NLsubs-TBS
3.9 GB615DVD-R
Oct 23Kite (2014)BRDVD5 (NL subs) NLtoppers
3.16 GB484231DVD-R
Oct 2320,000 Days on Earth (2014)BRDVD5(NL-EN subs)NLtoppers
4.12 GB194188DVD-R
Oct 23Wrong Turn 6 Last Resort (2014) UNRATED BR2DVD DD5.1 Custom NLsu
3.92 GB332DVD-R
Oct 23Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods DVD9 RETAIL (Extended Edition)
13.21 GB4071DVD-R
Oct 23Wish I Was Here (2014) BR2DVD DD5.1 Custom NLSubs-TBS
4.11 GB00DVD-R
Oct 22Think Like a Man Too(2014)BRDVD5(NL subs)NLtoppers
4.15 GB00DVD-R
Oct 22Deadly Virtues (2014) Retail DVD5 NLSubs-TBS
3.84 GB385269DVD-R
Oct 22Where the Devil Hides (2014) HD2DVD DD5.1 Custom NLSubs-TBS
2.92 GB191DVD-R
Oct 22Extraterrestrial (2014) HD2DVD DD5.1 Custom NLSubs-TBS
3.87 GB00DVD-R
Oct 22Extraterrestrial(2014) DVD5(NL subs)NLtoppers
4.03 GB427147DVD-R
Oct 21Devils Knot 2013 DVDR R4 NTSC ENG
4.32 GB13DVD-R
Oct 21Holiday in Enchancia 2013 DVDR R4 NTSC
4.21 GB3326DVD-R
Oct 21Star Wars Rebels 2014 DVDR R4 NTSC NDL
2.9 GB3163DVD-R
184.11 MB144DVD-R
Oct 21Drones (2013-2014)BRDVD5 (NL subs)NLtoppers
3.7 GB25994DVD-R
Oct 21Beneath (2013-2014)HDDVD (Nl Subs)NLtoppers
3.33 GB11967DVD-R
Oct 21Annabelle (2014) DVD5 (NL subs)NLtoppers
3.3 GB1028332DVD-R
Oct 21Moms.Night.Out.2014.MULTiSUBS.PAL.DVDR-DiSHON
4.37 GB04DVD-R
Oct 21Need.for.Speed.German.2014.DL.PAL.DVDR-MOViEiT
4.37 GB114DVD-R
Oct 20Edge of Tomorrow (2014) PAL DVDR Multi-TBS
4.36 GB346158DVD-R
Oct 20X-Men Days of Future Past (2014) PAL DVD9 Multi-TBS
6.6 GB220214DVD-R
Oct 20Where the Devil Hides(2014) DVD5(NL subs)NLtoppers
2.92 GB439139DVD-R
Oct 20Supercondriaque (2014)BRDVD5 (NL subs)NLtoppers
2.53 GB9434DVD-R
Oct 20Cursed (2005) DVD9 RETAIL (Unrated Version)
6.45 GB33DVD-R
Oct 20Operation Rogue 2014 DVDR R4 MARCELINO34
4.36 GB12DVD-R
Oct 20The Grand Budapest Hotel 2014 DVDR R4 MARCELINO34
4.36 GB00DVD-R
Oct 20Spice World 1997 DVDR R4 NTSC
4.16 GB130DVD-R
Oct 20Monster High Freaky Fusion 2014 DVDR R4 NTSC ENG
4.32 GB2818DVD-R
Oct 20Siren (2013)(dvd5)(Nl subs) RETAIL SAM TBS
3.6 GB252140DVD-R
Oct 20Montana (2014)BRDVD5 (NL subs)NLtoppers
4.05 GB6512DVD-R
Oct 19The.Philosophers.2013.MULTiSUBS.PAL.DVDR-DiSHON
4.37 GB00DVD-R
Oct 19Huck.Finn.2012.PAL.DVDR-DiSHON
4.37 GB02DVD-R
Oct 19The War Between Men and Women (1972) DVD9 Untouched- Jack Lemmon
6.63 GB1661DVD-R